Rochester Reverse Mortgage

Seniors 62 or older who need extra funds or simply interested in tapping into the equity in their home through a New York reverse mortgage, will notice that fees in Rochester have dropped due to more and more banks competiting for their business. The closing cost of a New York reverse mortgage has almost been cut in half. A reverse mortgage is a more common term for a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). Here are a list of a few HECM lenders in the Monroe County area.


Rochester HECM Lenders

There are a number of factors that affect whether or not you qualify for a reverse mortgage in Rochester. If you have an existing mortgage, you may not be able to qualify for a HECM/reverse mortgage. Contact a professional to discuss your options.

Rochester, NY has an estimated population of 205341.

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1) Bank of America Mortgage
1 East Ave, #1, Rochester, NY
(585) 546-9650
(0 reviews)
2) Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
300 Red Creek Dr, #210, Rochester, NY
(585) 899-4190
(0 reviews)
3) Homechex
132 Allens Creek Rd, #1, Rochester, NY
(585) 461-6290
(0 reviews)
4) Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
57 Monroe Ave, Pittsford, NY
(585) 419-2070
(0 reviews)
5) Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
175 Sullys Trl, #201, Pittsford, NY
(585) 899-1100
(0 reviews)
6) Liberty Home Funding
4 S Main St, #2, Pittsford, NY
(585) 389-4110
(0 reviews)
7) Customized Lenders Service
1225 Jefferson Rd, #B01, Rochester, NY
(585) 399-8200
(0 reviews)
8) Ranzenhofer, Michael H - Friedman Ranzenhof Attorneys
3 Linden Oaks, #70, Rochester, NY
(585) 377-5504
(0 reviews)
9) Colony Run Townhouses LP
89 Colony Run, Attica, NY
(585) 591-2799
(0 reviews)
10) Friedman, Robert - Friedman Razenholfer
113 Main St, Batavia, NY
(585) 343-0746

National reverse mortgage companies such as Bank of America, Citi, Wells Fargo and Wachovia are part of the mortgage network.